SMA Pub Accounting Software

SMA Pub Accounting Software

Ideal for Pubs, Clubs, Cafe/Bars & Small Businesses.

This program has been designed in Excel, again for ease of use and specially for the licensee without an Epos system. It is based on the Free version but enables the user to continue controlling their Stock over a whole month up to 5 weeks. This can save a considerable amount of valuable time giving a much better control of your stock.

Monthly Stock Control System

Includes: Free Gross Profit Calculator

& Free Food Menu G/P Calculator.

Please check out the Video below.

Total weekly figures will give you:

• Total Sales.

• Stock Remaining.

• Value of Stock Remaining.

• Value of Sales.

• Cost of Sales, plus Gross & Net Profit.

• VAT is also calculated on the Sales.

Simply enter your initial Stocktaking figures into week 1, along with your Cost & Selling Prices Enter the sales quantities taken from the Till PLU Readout on a daily basis to keep an accurate check on remaining stock. This will enable the licensee to check randomly what the stock quantities should be. Greater control and peace of mind.

Monthly Stock Control System SMA/SC1M Excel Format.



3 Programs

Calculations are transfered from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 creating Total Weekly Figures.       Hover to Enlarge Image. Section of Sheet 1. Section of Sheet 2.
The software will be sent direct to you via email. No Postal Charges. Also Includes: Free Gross Profit & Food G/P Calculators.

Sheet 1 will consist of Stock Descriptions, all your daily Unit Sales, New Stock In & Cost Price of items. Sheet 2 will have all the calculations, your Sell At price, Total Sales, Gross Profit, VAT Total & Net Profit. An easy straight forward way to keeping your Stock in order.

A brief video introduction to

SMA Stock Control in Excel Format.

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